Carbon Offset Investing - revisited

So back in September 2019 I posted about Carbon Offset investing.

I tried €50 as an experiment and it seemed to work OK. I talked about putting some more in and actually ended up rounding my total investment up to €500

I've always considered this more as a charitable gift in my head as to be fair it still seems a bit too good to be true. 5-7% is a very good rate, helping people and reducing carbon emissions too. Personally as long as it hits a good carbon reduction and also helps people, then as a carbon offset charitable thing it wins in my book.
The Split being

Greenlight Planet - 30% (€150)
Solynta - 30% (€150)
Daystar Power - 20% (€100)
Kingo - 20% (€100)

Which adds up to some supporting health, education, growth, reducing poverty, sustainable cities and the big one of interest, a total of 29.15 Tons (26,444 Kg) of carbon reduced - Which to be honest is staggering!

After 4 months I have actually received some small interest back from Solynta & Greenlight a total of  €5.23!
Ok not a massive amount but the interest is staged and so is the capital and the loans vary from 1-3 years anyway and it's only two of the four investments, but the principle appears to be real

My personal aim is to "invest" an amount each year to this as a charitable idea, with interest and repayments going back into the system. Which should snowball in a compound interest type of way meaning each year I should end up stopping more and more carbon emissions.

Here is my referral link. It give both people 
€10 - Use it and we both benefit!


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