I couldn't afford a Tesla, or perhaps I won't at the moment. It's a bit of shame as the recent Model 3 is rated as one of the best cars, yeah, not just for an EV, but for all cars. It looks awesome, is full of tech and i know i'd love it!
It would handle my commute for week or two and even be good for most longer range journeys without even needing to charge away from home, let alone the awesome supercharger network. They are definitely the way forwards and the normal major brands are still struggling to get to the level of the older Model S, let alone the model 3 or the soon to be released crossover model Y that'll take the car world by storm. The sales stats for the Model 3  are epic. I totally believe in the company, their vision and for shaking up the car industry and pushing Electric Vehicles into the forefront.

The BASIC model 3 is £37k, I'd prefer the awd long range at £46k and neither include the £6k autopilot. Either would be way more of a stretch than i'm comftable with. There are lease and hire purchase options which are less money now, but that adds interest which i hate when i'm paying it! A car loan is less interest if going that method.
I personally see new cars as a massive waste of money and have never been of the mind to waste that much! Second hand is still a bit new and the lowest one of the UK market at the moment is about £30k for a low spec model S and again would be a stretch and financially silly compared with my old (2005) Audi A8 which is only worth a couple of grand, but is comftable, powerful and reliable.  

So if I can't afford one, what can I do to help and invest in the future? 

Well it turns out Tesla are in a massive Short battle, they're one of highest shorted stocks on the US market and compared to their value it is a massive percentage. This appears to be a pretty dirty trick to stifle the company because they're the greatest threat to reducing oil consumption!

Personally i see the market for Tesla is huge, in cars, batteries and pushing the worlds tech forwards and I think they will do well over the coming years, that and the Model Y is almost ready for release, giving them sales access to one of the biggest segments, so I started looking at how to buy shares.

I did a friend shout out to see what platforms are out there and got recommended Freetrade which is another new app based thing. It's free to sign up and the basic account is free to run too.
The ISA one was interesting, but I can't see dividends happening on this stock for a long while and I'd have to make £12,000 to hit capital gains tax so i decided against this as added cost and it limits yearly investments elsewhere for me.

They have the Tesla stock, alas they are not cheap per share at $233, also FREETRADE is GBP only so you can't do the nice Revolut trick as per my carbon offset investment which is a shame, but the platform seems good and for the occasional buy and hold model i tend to like it worked best for me. MSE has some other options on how to trade shares.

However I always invest part of my bonus and this is something I believe in, along with having great financial potential, so I now have 26 shares!!!

Maybe in a few years I'll be able to get the actual car!

FYI - Regarding investing, this is what I've done, I'm not a financial adviser and my reasons (above) are more than just investment anyway. Any investment can go down as well as up and if the short goes to $0 and the company goes bankrupt, i would loose everything. I don't believe that will happen and some bulls are looking for $4000 a share in four years. It'll probably be somewhere between, but make your own judgement etc

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