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Covid 19 and the Enviroment

So.....Covid....Err....YEAH THAT! Not much has been happening I guess....Plans since mid March have been VERY quiet.....The flights and stuff I offset didn't happen, but I'd invested the money on purchase of the tickets and well, less carbon is always a bonus! The good news is that in lockdowns the air quality got MUCH better and a lot of people are now working from home which is also helping. My idea of investing in TESLA  threw me a bit of a curve ball....26  shares at $233 ($6058) went on a SILLY run.....The price for TESLA today is ~$434, but they also split 5 for 1 (26 x 5 x $434 = $56,420) I was SO wrong on the £12k capital gains thing - I sold a few here and there and now have some of those shares in an ISA account now (£3 a month, well worth it), but I've still got a load of TESLA shares I can't sell without getting hit by capital gains tax...As problems to have, there are worse.....And well that TESLA car looks a lot closer. I wanted the Cybertrukk and even pu