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Green Electricity ?

Is it worth switching to a green electricity tariff ???

I'm with OVO Energy, which last time I looked at the MSE Money club thing was one of the cheapest options with fair customer rating for my area that fitted my needs for electricity and gas. I tend to pretty much choose on price.

My tariff is Better Energy, which it seems by luck more than anything, is fairly reasonable. It has a minim 33% from renewables and the company pride or at least sell themselves pretty well on RENEWABLE

Due to various bits, changing and estimates and other bits i've not got a very accurate idea of how much electricity I use. However given the last 3 months totaled up and divided i get around 500kwh per month. On that basis, lets say I use 6000kwh a year

After a bit of a search on the net i found Electricity Carbon Generation data on how much carbon electricity seems to generate. It's WAY more in depth than i really want to go but at the bottom gives a simple figure of 10,000kwh  equating to 5.65…

Where Am I ?

WWF Footprint Calculator

A couple of minutes on this has given me a base line - The questions are a bit generic and you can get hung up on the details or give it your best guess and just accept the figure. It may not be a 100% accurate but it's a start and it's given me a figure to work off and that's actually the important bit here.