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Carbon Self Tax

We do a German festival each year. It is one of the highlights of our calendar and it is amazing. Leipzig is deep in Germany and whilst technically, ferry & drive, it would take at least an extra day each way. Alas due to work I'm limited in the length of time I can take off. The festival is on the edge of this in terms of time already. It is plausible to train it, particularly if you live in London. We don't so it adds getting to London, then multiple trains to get to Leipzig. We both had back issues and tend to limit lifting and shifting of heavy cases as much as possible. It would be a very long day of lifting and shifting to do the train. Also having a rough look (eurostar is only 3 months bookable) at costs it is double plus! Flying takes two flights. Birmingham to probably Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Halle. It is the way we did last year after the Stanstead direct to Halle stopped running. It IS plausible to train down from Frankfurt and I looked at the carbon impact vers

Carbon Offset Investing - revisited

So back in September 2019 I posted about Carbon Offset investing . I tried €50 as an experiment and it seemed to work OK. I talked about putting some more in and actually ended up rounding my total investment up to  €500 I've always considered this more as a charitable gift in my head as to be fair it still seems a bit too good to be true. 5-7% is a very good rate, helping people and reducing carbon emissions too. Personally as long as it hits a good carbon reduction and also helps people, then as a carbon offset charitable thing it wins in my book. The Split being Greenlight Planet - 30% (€150) Solynta - 30% (€150) Daystar Power - 20% (€100) Kingo - 20% (€100) Which adds up to some supporting health, education, growth, reducing poverty, sustainable cities and the big one of interest, a total of 29.15 Tons (26,444 Kg) of carbon reduced - Which to be honest is staggering! After 4 months I have actually received some small interest back from Solynta & Greenlight a