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My car

My Car - I've a 2005 Audi A8 D3 4.2 petrol V8 (288 g/km). It's a nice car and i've had it about 3 years and it's always been pretty good to me, but I've been looking at changing it for a while. Since I used to have an older version of the S8 I've been keeping an eye on the market with an idea of upgrading. I've almost done it a couple of times, going to look at cars but never quite being happy with the ones I've seen. Following this journey i've had a look at the specs of the Audi D3 V10 S8 in a bit of a different light and at 319 g/km emissions, i'm just not sure I can afford that! The ~£500 tax isn't the bit that bothers me, nor the poor fuel economy because I could afford the money to run it. It's that extra 31g/km increase that I am no longer happy with.  On a roughly average (for me) year i'm at about 15,000 miles, so : 15,000 miles = 24140 ,  31g = 0.000031  tonnes 0.000031 x 24140 = 0.748 tonnes of extra CO2 That unfort