Green Gas ?

OK Green electricity looks good, what about Green Gas?
My estimated future gas use is 11,838 kwh - personally that seems a bit high, but whilst my home is reasonably new (2007), well insulated and with modern double glazing, it is end of terrace and tall. I've a Nest and typically get a virtual green leaf for almost every day, with it auto adjusting to save me energy (money!) - I've a gas hob, but the cooker is electric. I don't do a lot of "cooking" apart from weekend breakfast, occasional stir-frys and the odd meal to impress my partner!

Natural gas is fairly low (comparatively) at 0.210 per kwh  which gives 2.5 tonnes in mainly heating - Actually given the journey with Green Electricity and OVO using natural gas for electricity generation with  204g then 210g sounds in the right ball park!

So is green gas an option.....Actually yes, OVO has that as an optional upgrade:
Green Gas
  • 15% Biogas, 85% Carbon Offset.**
  • We offset by funding worldwide projects that protect CO2-absorbing forests.
  • A stake in the future, as we’re investing in technology to build a more sustainable energy system. 
So : 

15% of 2.5 is 0.37 tonnne which whilst better is no where near what the electricity upgrade gives. 

85% carbon offset though.....depending on your view of this. Personally i'm less convinced on the buying of carbon rights. If it's NEW trees being planted, then cool, if it's buying up rights to trees that were already being planted then meh!

The charge for this is £5 per month, like the electricity making it £60 a year for each. Though there is an offer at the moment for both at £8, making it £96 for the pair. The electricity makes GREAT sense to me, this gas one, less so. However since I AM going with the electric, that is only £36 for the gas and that makes it a bit more palatable in my head!

Carbon Running Totals
Start :15.9     
Goal:10.5 or less    Previous:14.5    Saving:0.37     New total :14.13


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